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Find out why this Forex trading Approach has taken the FOREX market by storm and why everybody has now become


It is every traders dream:-

To enter a transaction which goes in the intended direction
immediately and hits the target quickly

The LONG CANDLE concept is born

A LONG CANDLE represents a price movement which is
strong,and quick.
Hence the name of this Course.
Got the direction of the trade 100% right and there was no strength or drive behind the move and it turned after 15 pips.
This often happens when using techniques which make you spend 90% of your effort on the direction and no effort on measuring the potential push or drive.
Also,....Whats the use of getting the direction right if the price is going to take 2 days to reach the target?
Nobody wants to trade that way!
That is why the long candle technique is so great we hunt long candles. The BIG moves.
We spend as much time making sure there is a strong push behind the move, as finding the direction.
We like it quick and fast and clean.
Great way to trade - in and out of the market quickly.

So ..... What causes strong moves in the Forex Market?

SELL and BUY orders cause the price to go up or down.
BULL traders want the market to go up.
BEAR traders want the market to go down.
That what makes the market what it is.

the price is going up - they use SELL orders as stops in areas where they think the price will go down.
The BEAR participants use SELL orders as they think the price is going down - they use BUY orders as stops in areas where they think the price will go up.
LONG CANDLES happen when the BULLS and BEARS agree on the direction that the price will move at certain price levels the same time!! All these orders in the same direction cause the price to move quickly and far.

Learn how to find these areas and price levels.

REVERSE ENGINEERING: How this approach was created

This trading technique has been developed in a unique way. 5 years ago we identified that we wanted to trade long candles. A quick move in the market.
Rather than looking for a particular technique first, we took a reverse engineering approach.
We firstly looked at the trading charts and identified all the 60 pip 1 hour candles that occurred over a period of 6 months for 3 currencies (GBPUSD, EURUSD and USDJPY).
When you have a number of students to help, this exercise becomes a little easier. We then gathered key information about each candle, such as, the exact time of the day it occurred, noted any economic announcements that may have happened and the exact size and strength of the +60 pip trend etc. This supplied fantastic information regarding the time and events that made these candles occur. This alone was worth all the work.
We then took it so much further. We looked at all the trading signals that occurred just before the candle trend. We looked at the support and resistance levels that were in place to tell us why the candle started where it did and stopped where it did. More importantly we looked at the trading triggers (opposed to signals) that would activate a trade into the candle trend. The information again was incredible.
We found that 1 leading indicator gave a trading trigger in 90% of the time! Further there was only a handful of trading signals supporting these moves. (Trading signals give supporting evidence of a likely transaction - the Trigger is the event that activates the transaction)
So rather than complicating the process we found a simplified approach using conventional trading methods and found a simple trading trigger that applied to 90% of long candles.
How often do the long candles occur in the Forex Market?
That's right:- there are more than 30 opportunities a day to use the long candle principles. There is no lack of opportunity to trade.
With so many opportunities to trade this approach you can trade when you want to, for as long as you want to.
Many of our traders trade for 30 minutes a day making 30 pips ( 4 times out of 5 trades) using one of our regular daily big candle trades.

How will this approach change your FOREX trading ?

Simplify your trading by using 1 trading trigger and a handful of confirmation signals which allow you to get into the market and out again very quickly
Reduce the amount of time you need to watch the market as most signals can be anticipated using leading indicators so pending orders can be used for most transactions.
This approach makes the entry and the exit easy as we hunt candles of a particular size.

More information about the course ?

This 2 day live seminar has now been converted to a Ebook for your benefit. The E book format makes it more accessible to more traders than using other ways of presenting this technique. No special software required. This approach will work with most charting packages and broker dealing stations.
We offer full support: This is not just an Ebook that will leave you out in the cold. We answer any questions you ask. We also use these questions to update and clarify areas in the course and issue regular updates of the course to purchasers.
Message from the Author
Hi Everybody
As you know, my name is Barry Thornton.
Forex Trading has been good to me.
It has allowed me to literally tour the world without worrying about a dip in my income. Wherever I can find an internet connection I can earn income.
The skill I developed to give me this kind of freedom and independence is priceless.
This however did not come easily. What you will see in this course are my own practical techniques that I use now, an independent trader trading my own account on a daily basis. No theoretical text book stuff.
I stopped teaching Forex trading a number of years ago but have kept close contact with the folks at Expert4x who (as before) have tempted me out of my daily trading routines to contribute to helping Forex traders gain more perspectives on ways of making money in the Forex market. I have made previous contributions in an interview series published by Expert4x and have developed a good trusting relationship with Expert4x through this series.Unfortunately the Forex market has encouraged the "instant successful trader" concept using never fail automatic trading without much effort from the trader. From personal experience with thousands of prospective Forex Traders I have found that successful traders (even ones using automated systems) are the traders that go the extra mile, invest in their Forex trading career, and apply and test techniques in the market, make those techniques their own and trade every day.
What you will see in this course are some simple techniques (1 trigger) that work extremely well. Take this opportunity to learn a lot about how the Forex Market works and how you can make a good income from it.
I hope to be of further assistance you.
To your future in Forex Trading
Barry Thornton

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